The life-saving Universal Security Chip

The GozMod is available in three flavours and at a reasonable recommended retail price and comes with a generous money back guarantee and warranty - both available to registered users.

What do I get?

The entire GozMod package consists of:

  1. A fully tested GozMod (Bullet, Standard, or Lite) PCB
  2. 2 pieces of fish paper (no longer required as of Version V3)
  3. Installation Instructions
  4. 2 year warranty*
  5. 2 month money back guarantee*

* The 2 year warranty and money back guarantee are applicable under the following conditions:

  • Only for registered users
  • Not transferable
  • Not a replacement for any guarantees or warranties from the place of purchase, which will still apply

How much does a GozMod cost?

The GozMod is available to buy worldwide at a recommended retail price:

excluding any local taxes, delivery and import duties (if purchasing outside of the US or Europe).

Where can I buy the GozMod?

Alternatively, please don't hesitate to contact us at directly.

How do I register my GozMod?

Please send the following information by eMail to :